4books — The key ideas of the best business books, in Italian, to read or listen to.


Founded by well-known digital entrepreneur and broadcaster Marco Montemagno, 4books is the abstracts platform that keeps you up-to-date on the latest business books.

With an annual subscription, 4books includes 4 abstracts of recently published books and 1 bestseller translated into Italian, available as text or as an audiobook.



Role — Fields

UI/UX Design, Branding

The focus of 4books — Make knowledge more accessible by providing the key takeaways of the latest and most interesting non-fiction books right in your pocket, at any time, ready to be read or listened to in 15 to 20 minutes.

8 Pixel Grid

Using a defined grid during UI design to give a more consistent look and feel throughout the app.

Logo Restyling
Icons and buttons
Design System

Creating a collection of reusable components, guided by clear standards, assembled together to build the application.

Checkin Process

Home screen shows latest abstract, bestsellers and a horizontal scroll list of all the abstracts sorted by categories.

Book Details

Users have the opportunity both to read and listen to the key ideas of the best business books.

Reading Screen

Reading screen has a horizontal scrolling between the pages, controlled by a bottom navigation bar. Users have the ability to customize reading and switching to night mode.

In these screens a serif font is used to improve readability and to recall the book appearance.


Troughout the search screen the dropdown panel allows an accurate filtering mode by categories and tags.

Search screen is accessible through the special icon that opens top search bar.

Favourites & Category

You can add a book to your favorites by pressing the bookmark icon on each card. The relative screen presents a vertical list of books that can be ordered using the appropriate menu. The same provision can be found in each category screen.

Progress Screen

Once you start reading an abstract, you have the ability to find it on the progress screen that shows progress of open books.

Profile Screen

Profile screen shows a summary of the active services or if you are a free user it shows the advantages of subscribing.

App store and Google Play Store screens
Advertising Campaigns

After 4books publication a series of advertising messages were created using different multimedia channels with the aim of increasing the number of subscribers.

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