Gymr — Mobile app that allows trainers to create and manage workout sessions for their clients.


Powerful fitness routine planning and tracking app that help gym trainers target clients workouts and keep easy track of their progress.

Gymr helps you to add and manage your clients and their workout sessions. You can build whole workouts around individual body parts or full body. Just enter clients fitness level and start planning.



Role — Fields

UI/UX Design

Signup Screen

New trainers can start planning sessions by signup with social accounts or with email.

Login Screen

As well as for signup screen, trainers can login both with social accounts and email.

Add Clients and Workout Sessions

Process starts by adding new client with personal informations and fitness level, then it continues by adding the first training session with all personalized exercises.

Personalized Home Screen

Home screen keeps you up to date with latest schedule, training sessions and latest clients.

Manage Clients

You can view a list of your customers by filtering the results or searching by name. The client profile screen shows personal informations and a summary of the training sessions. The session screen shows schedule informations and a list of all the exercise.

Manage Sessions

In sessions screen you can view, filter and search all your clients sessions planned. You can manage single workout session by customizing details, ordering and all exercises specifications.

Calendar Check and Appointments Planning

By using a simple calendar, all you have to do is choose an available date according to your plans, create a new schedule and match it with an existing customer and session, otherwise you can create new ones.

Scheduling Training Sessions

Once the client and the session have been chosen, the last thing to plan the appointment is to choose the time.


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